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by Christine Axsmith
The Wall Street Journal is fretting that ACT scores show math unreadiness for college. And?   Is a math test the only way to measure potential success?  No.
People say a college degree is necessary for success– do you? There are so many careers available today that do not require a college degree.
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Going to college is a big investment.  Student loans can be huge.  Some people can’t afford college. That does not mean success is not an option.
Success is getting what you want into your life.  Success is not doing what everybody else is doing without thinking about yourself specifically.
Math education is important, generally.  But there might be more motivation and understanding where the student sees a practical application of math.  Remembering math education from long ago, it was sitting in a classroom practicing abstract principles. Any usefulness of math skills was barely shown to me, except by one very talented calculus teacher.
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This article suggests when a young person is shown that they can make money directly from a math skill, there would be better motivation.
Paths to success without collegemeans entering the plumber, firefighter, carpenter or other trades.  And, yes, math will be needed.  But it will be a direct, problem-solving math with direct, visible results.
$uccess Without College Publications has published $uccess Without College – Roadmap to Software Developerand $uccess Without College – Roadmap to Plumberto show people that there are alternatives to college to get success.
Buying one of our $uccess Without College Roadmap bookswill empower you to choose your own path to success.
The chances of success without collegeare better if you think for yourself and decide what is best for you.  Students who have success without collegedo the work to find out about different career paths and match them to their temperament.
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Other books about success without college focus on calming anxious parents, and not on solutions.  Buy $uccess Without College Roadmap to Plumberor Roadmap to Software Developerby Christine Axsmithfor solid advice on launching your successful career path.
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