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Veterans and Foreclosure



Here’s some good news from America’s fighting forces–

When the boys come marching home, perhaps they’ll be shielded–just a bit–from the foreclosure evils dogging the rest of us.

In DC, it is required to file the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act affidavit to demonstrate to the court that the person being sued for foreclosure is not in another country fighting for our armed services.  Before this Act, it was possible that military servicemen could lose their homes or be evicted while on active duty and never know anything about it until they came home on leave or after their service was done.

If there’s ever a group that deserves this protection, it’s America’s veterans.

This wasn’t always the case…

Ayn Rand wrote about rampant, unbridled captialism…but it seems so unfair to those who put their lives on the line for our country.  And Ayn Rand herself signed up for Social Security – even though she said that any kind of government program to help people was wrong.



In Kentucky, a paralyzed Vietnam War veteran is facing foreclosure because his wife took out $80,000 worth of loans.  He is fighting Citibank right now to keep his home.  And yes, he has since divorced his wife.

Truly, we think this is a scandal.

The Veterans Administration, because of its backlog of paperwork, are not helping veterans avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy.

When you have to wait six months to get your first disability check, then you stand a good chance of being thrown out of your home through foreclosure.

It’s sad, when one thinks that World War II vets had housing benefits under the GI Bill

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