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$uccess Without College

Young people start their working lives with college debt because they are taught that college is the only way to go to be successful in America.  They will be paying the price for that the rest of their lives.


Actually, so does the rest of the country.  Young people should be buying houses and cars, which keep the economy going.  That ‘s why I have written $uccess Without College – a Roadmap.  Teens should have more information about success and how to get there.

A simple “get a college degree” is not enough information to provide someone with a roadmap to success.

I paid student loan debt until I was 45 years old.  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy I went to college.  I just wish someone had told me of my options.  Neither of my parents had gone to college in the traditional way, and none of our extended family did either.

This book is dedicated to students like me:  needing information on their options for American success.  College alternatives after high school are not discussed very often, if at all.  And deciding to pursue a career without going to college right away does not mean that college is a waste of money or that you should never go.  For myself, I was an egghead that was always going to college.  But my family, and myself, paid a high financial price for how I went about getting that education.


Do you really need a college degree to succeed?  I don’t think so.  Many people are a business success without a college degree.  $uccess Without College – Roadmap to $uccess is meant to help all young people make healthy personal and financial decisions about their future.

My book will be divided into small books that can be purchased separately, depending on your area of interest.  There are all kinds of jobs out there, and I have interviewed hundreds of successful people to gather this information and give it to you.

Read $uccess Without College Roadmap to Software Developer by Christine Axsmith.

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