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Medical Billing Sloppiness

Medical billing sloppiness can lead to painful results.


Patients have been left in casts for months longer than needed because the treatment payment questions were not settled.  Other people will not pay for medical assistance they feel their insurance plan should cover.  These problems can go into court.

And fraud can lead to health care nightmares!


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You’d think medical billing wouldn’t be that complex…

Some groups can find errors in 80% of the medical bill they review.  Cost overcharging can be as high as 26%.


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Types of Medical Billing Fraud

What are the types of medical billing fraud?

  • Overbilling, or billing for more than 24 hours of work in one day.
  • Paying fake companies for work not really done.
  • Prescriptions for dead patients.
  • Charging for patient transportation when the person has not been moved.
  • Kickbacks to people who refer patients to doctors

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