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Mansions in Foreclosure

Mansions in foreclosure?  Absolutely.  axsmith-law-haunted-houses-foreclosure

axsmith-law-foreclosure-rich-debt-relief-mediation-PotomacThe best part about this story was “lenders are more willing to work with homeowners that have other resources.” Of course they are.

Foreclosures are way up for houses worth over a million dollars or more.  In fact, foreclosures for expensive houses worth over a million dollars have gone up 115% since 2007.  But hold on to your hat!  Houses worth over two million dollars have gone into foreclosure even more since 2007:  273%

Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell, a real-estate firm in Miami where homes priced over $1 million represented 9% of all foreclosures last year.


If you need help with your foreclosure mediation, phone Axsmith Law LLC at (202) 285-5415.  There are many new real estate rules all over the country, and many of them required foreclosure mediation.  But once you get the mortgage lender to the table, what do you say to them?

There are specific documents and information that will increase your chances of getting a successful loan modification during the foreclosure process.  Get the help you need.

Axsmith Law LLC has much experience with the foreclosure process in Washington, DC, and can assist you in talking to the mortgage company to communicate your needs.  It can be intimidating to talk to lawyers who aren’t listening to you or can’t understand what you are trying to communicate.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  With Axsmith Law LLC at the mediation table with you, you can be assured that your needs and resources will be conveyed to the mortgage company lawyers and on the loan modification forms in a clear way.

For that reason, choosing Axsmith Law LLC to represent you is a good idea.  Phone us at (202) 285-5415.

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