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Garnishing Social Security Payments



Taking SSDI benefits

Child support payments can be taken out of Social Security benefits.  So can alimony, back taxes and restitution ordered by a court.

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Phoning, or even visiting, the Social Security Administration will not stop people from taking this money from you.  You have to go to the government agency who ordered the garnishment in the first place.


SSDI Garnishment Isn’t Pretty – Axsmith Law Blog


According to the Social Security Administration:

If your Social Security benefits are to be garnished to pay off non-tax debts, you will be notified by the Treasury Department – not the SSA. According to the SSA, “We have no control over this reduction of Social Security benefits, and there is no appeal available under the Social Security Act.


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And if you have moved money from one bank account to another, it still can be garnished.

It’s not much of a comfort.

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