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Foreclosure Protests



Water park owner Kevin Dumont cuffed himself to a slide in his park – to stop the foreclosure sale of his business.

“I’m not a crazy person, but I’m willing to do something this crazy to save this place,” he told the Daily News Wednesday, his third day on top of the slide. “I’ve got nothing left to lose.”

It may be cold up there, but his friends are sending him hot meals up the slide, and he has warm clothes.  He planned to stay there until he got the $1 million needed to stop the sale, but it didn’t work.  On December 2, 2015, the waterpark was sold at a foreclosure auction.


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Hunger Strike

Some protesters show their passion in alarming ways.  A former Detroit teacher and coach was evicted from his home in 2013 after becoming disabled and laid off of his job five years later.

Since then he has taken up the fight for all Americans in a similar plight and, outraged over what has been done to Flint, he has added the necessity of and human right to clean water to his cause.

This is an unfortunate by-product of grotesque capitalism.

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