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Eviction Fatalities

This poor woman just wanted to sell a property that had been foreclosed on…and she was murdered!

The murder of 27-year-old real estate agent Ashley Okland in a suburban Iowa model home is the latest example of rising violence in an industry that has been buffeted by the mortgage meltdown.

Okland was found inside a model home in West Des Moines, Iowa, last week after being shot by an unknown assailant. The victim is one of more than a hundred in the real estate profession who have been killed on the job since the foreclosure mess began in 2008.


Foreclosure Mediation - Avoid Foreclosure with Axsmith Law

Foreclosure Mediation – Avoid Foreclosure with Axsmith Law

They’ll do anything to evict someone after a foreclosure.  When removing 57-year-old Donald B. Meyer from his apartment, Mr. Meyer was shot in the arm, and the bullet passed through into his 12-year-old daughter, and she died at the scene.  Hope getting that apartment free for the next renter was worth it. 

One wonders if this could be tallied in the battle between the “haves” and the “have-nots”

In another case, a man shot a deputy and a locksmith while they were trying to evict him.

Officials identified the deputy killed as Robert Paris, 53, and the civilian as Glendon David Engert, 35, a locksmith from Modesto.

Foreclosure Fatalities

All across the U.S., this struggle gets deadlier:

An elderly man and his daughter, Howard and Catherine Franklin were shot to death when they tried to enter their newly-bought foreclosure property.  The former owners, who had been foreclosed on, were still there packing their things.  There was every intention to move out of the house.

But then an argument broke out and two people were killed.  The shooter didn’t even live at the house.  He was just helping relatives move.

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