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The economic system in the United States of America is more or less entirely based on one principle – debt. It is little wonder then that so many Americans require debt relief. This is true on every level; the total national debt of the US is approaching 19 trillion dollars. The average American family has $7,281 in credit card debt alone — a number which includes families with zero debt. When student debt, bank loan debt and other kinds of debt are added to the equation, it isn’t unusual for those seeking debt relief to owe $50,000 or even well over $100,000. In and around the beltway, where the cost of living is far higher than average, Washington, DC debt relief is a service which is very much needed.

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If you are a resident of Washington, DC and you require debt relief, you’ve come to the right place. A debt relief attorney is bound by strict ethical requirements, unlike those scam artist that promise all kinds of debt relief but don’t deliver a long term solution. When you hire a debt relief lawyer, you will get a specialist on your side who knows all the ins and outs of how to negotiate a debt settlement program. Axsmith Law has 20 years of experience helping people in the Washington, DC metro area get the debt relief they need. Similar cases often handled at Axsmith Law also include foreclosure and other housing-related debt issues.

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Percentages are estimates only. Every situation is unique and we tailor plans to your specific needs. Amount of debt reduction will vary from person to person, depending on the amount of debt, the type of debt, and many other factors. Percentages are not guaranteed. Read $uccess Without College Roadmap books to avoid student loan debts.

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