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Debt Collector Crimes

What is Illegal Debt Collection?

It’s sad that this kind of illegal behavior still comes from debt collectors.


If you owe money to debt collectors, you may have experienced some of these illegal debt collection tactics:

  • Telling people they will go to jail
  • Saying that child protection services will be called and they will lose custody of their children
  • Posing as a law firm and claiming to work with the police
  • Phoning a person’s job and telling them that their co-workers will have to pick them out of a lineup.

To terrify people who are already scared is unconscionable.

Government Debt Collection


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The Federal government relies on over 20 debt collection companies to collect on debts in default.  Those private companies have little oversight on their actions, especially how the debt is collected.  Some of the problems that have occurred are collecting more money than what is owed, not telling people about repayment options, refusing to provide documentation to support the claim of debt, and abusive phone calls and threats.

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