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Debt Collection Frauds

The debt collection frauds keep coming up with ways to torment anyone who borrowed money and owns a phone.


In California, information submitted to a payday lender was used by a debt collector to get money.  The interesting part of this story is that the payday lender and the debt collector were two separate entities.  “Somehow” the information people put into the web site got into the hands of the the debt collectors, which they used to collect debts.

While trying to collect these debts, the debt collectors impersonated police officers on the phone and threatened to have them arrested – which is highly illegal.  They also said that a lawsuit would be filed on debts where the statute of limitations had passed.

Worse than that, the people the debt collectors harassed often didn’t even owe the money.  The FTC got a court order to stop these illegal actions.axsmith-law-debt-relief-debt-control

The debt collectors rely on personal information about people, found from their online payday loan applications, to convince innocent people that they really do owe the money.  Pieces of information, like Social Security Numbers, that are normally confidential, are mentioned in the phone call.  People think that the debt collector couldn’t have that number unless there really was a loan.  So then they pay the false debt.

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