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Debt Collection and “Malicious Prosecution”

Perhaps the world will change after all!

A debt collection agency has been ordered to pay $83 million to a Missouri woman after a jury decided that the agency ‘maliciously prosecuted’ her to collect a debt she did not owe.


Maria Guadalupe Mejia, 51, won her case against Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC, one of the largest debt buyers in the U.S., after the company mistakenly sued Mejia for a credit card debt of $1,000 belonging to a man with a similar sounding name, according to NPR affiliate KCUR.

The debt collector’s failed to hand over information to the court in this case.  The jury ordered Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC to pay $250,000 for violating Fair Debt and Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and assigned punitive damages of $82,990,000 for “malicious prosecution.”


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