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Credit Counseling and Illegal Robo-Calls

There is strong evidence that debt “relief” companies are not all good.  Clear Point Credit Counseling has been sued in a class action under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).  This “credit counseling” company used phone calls to secretly record phone calls, used robo-dialers, and did not get permission before phoning people.  All of these actions are against the law, the TCPA.


The TCPA requires that you are only supposed to get robo-calls if you have given “written permission” to receive such calls. What kind of person wants their dinner interrupted with calls like that…and would write in for it?

Apparently when you’re surfing the net, if you ask for information, you could possibly click a link allowing these idiots to call and harass you. So be careful with that one. They are getting craftier…

When you do work with a “debt relief” counselor, remember that although consolidating your debt is a tempting idea, you might not get to do it if you’re not approved…BECAUSE OF YOUR CREDIT HISTORY.

Catch 22 and all that…

Medical Debt and Robo-calling

axsmith-law-TCPA-credit-counseling-illegal-phone-callsOne medical group, unaware that they were violating the law, set up their own robo-calling technology to harass their debtors. They’ve been met with a nice little class-action lawsuit. We can only hope they’ve learned their lesson…but medical debt can be quite the bogeyman.

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