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Checking Your Credit Health

The first step is get copies of your credit reports from all three credit reporting bureaus.  Review the credit reports for errors and send letter to both the credit reporters and the company that originally filed the false information.  You can get a free credit report on yourself once a year, or can pay a credit monitoring service for monthly reports.

Building Your Credit Score

axsmith-law-credit-card-account-sold-cheap-thumbIf you are trying to build your credit score, it may be worth it to subscribe to a credit monitoring service to see if your hard work is paying off.Building Your Credit HealthBad credit scores happen to most people as some point in their lives.  An accident, illness, divorce can all lead to credit problems.axsmith-law-debt-collecter-abuse-harrassment-PayDayLoansOne approach to getting your credit score on track again is to get a “secured credit card.”  All it takes is putting money in a bank account and getting a secured credit card with a limit of the amount in the bank account.  It’s that easy.  Once you demonstrate that you can use the card and pay the monthly bill, your credit rating will rise.

Maintaining Your Credit Health

Keep looking at your credit report for incorrect or incomplete information, even though you have raised your credit score.


The advantage of monitoring your credit score is you can see right away if someone is targeting you for identity theft.  If that is the case, you can put an immediate freeze on your credit file for 90 days.  Contact all three credit reporting bureaus right away.

But if trouble starts…your fault or otherwise, it’s good to have a debt relief service.

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