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Celebrity Foreclosure!

Brittany Murphy’s House


This house, apparently, has been through a few stars through foreclosures and deaths.

Sharon Murphy, mother of Brittany Murphy, has had the trustee sale of the house postponed pending potential offers from buyers.  You may recall the sad death of Brittany Murphy, who died of natural causes at too-young an age.


TMZ, the source of all celebrity news, claims that the property was on sale at auction, which spokesman Roger Neal said was “inaccurate.”  The house is a five bedroom, five bath, three level mansion on 1.29 acres.  The asking price is just short of $5 million dollars.


Previous occupants of the house have been Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake and Madonna.

It’s scary for the big people…



Mischa Barton

Then there’s this other rich, famous actress–

Actress Mischa Barton is in default on her mortgage, and over $100,000 behind on her mortgage payments, despite several attempts to sell or rent it out.  After paying $6.4 million at the top of the real estate bubble, her career wasn’t enough to maintain the payments.

Mischa Barton is still quite accomplished.  She starred in the “O.C.“, “Notting Hill“, “The Sixth Sense” and won the Teen Choice Awards in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Let’s hold out hope for our dear Mischaxsmith-law-mischa-barton-imdb-25e249-150x150a.  She clearly is talented, and we should all wish her well as this is just a bump in the road.  It’s a long life, and don’t let this get you down.  Just next time, if you are in an industry as fickle as entertainment, buy your real estate for cash.  And make sure there are rental units as part of it.

The 7,607-square-foot Spanish-style home is gated, with views of Catalina Island. It has a glamorous formal dining room, a huge master suite with a fireplace and a beautiful entry with a marble staircase. The property includes a nearly 3,000-square-foot guesthouse, a pool and spa, and private decks.

Will Mischa pull through?

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