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FORECLOSURE: Celebrities Suffer Too

It’s a shame…making it big, getting the big money, mismanaging the big money, and losing the big house. Celebrities and movie stars are not immune from the housing foreclosure plague, evidently.  Ask Toni Braxton.


Celebrity Foreclosure! Toni Braxton!

Celebrity foreclosure is widespread.  So the former baseball great Lenny Dykstra has lost a house to foreclosure

For the sports-obsessed, this 13,000-square-foot mansion in Thousand Oaks, Calif. has an incredible backstory.

Custom-built by hockey great Wayne Gretzky, the mansion was later sold to disgraced baseball star Lenny Dykstra for $17.5 million.





Celebrity Foreclosure! – Axsmith Law Blog

Alan Iverson lost his house very, very quickly after purchase!

Celebrity Foreclosure! – Axsmith Law Blog

Iverson defaulted on a $1.2 million mortgage, according to TMZ. Now the house is listed for $2.8 million, a $200,000 price cut since Jan. 8, almost exactly three years since Iverson’s house was first listed for sale back in 2010.”

You’d think the star of the Jesus movie would be immune from foreclosure, but you’d be wrong!


Mel Gibson – Facing Foreclosure

“Troubled star Mel Gibson faces foreclosure on three of his properties in Malibu California after being sued by a construction company for unpaid bills, legal documents show.

“The embattled actor could lose the homes in the legal battle with firm Ramage Construction, who allege in the papers that Mel, 50, owes almost $200,000 for work they carried out.

“The documents show the company is asking for the bill to be paid in full or alternatively that the homes be foreclosed upon. Mel is named in the suit as a defendant alongside his estranged wife Robyn in the suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.”


… and Kirsten Bell, who is worldly about so many things…but money and foreclosure?


Celebrity Foreclosure

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