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WSJ ACT Panic: Is a College Degree Really Necessary for Success?

WSJ ACT Panic: Is a College Degree Really Necessary for Success?

by Christine Axsmith The Wall Street Journal is fretting that ACT scores show math unreadiness for college. And?   Is a math test the only way to measure potential success?  No. People say a college degree is necessary for success– do you? There are so many...
Parents and Success Without College

Parents and Success Without College

 Parents and Success Without College  a book series by Christine Axsmith  In the interviews for the $uccess Without College Roadmap series of books, it became clear that a primary obstacle to getting young people into the trades was parents. Of course, parents want...

Success Without College Roadmap Aerial Firefighting

Right now, I am writing the Roadmap to Firefighter book.  My research has revealed a whole category of firefighter called an aerial firefighter.  This is a firefighter who fights fires from the air. One of the greatest things about writing the $uccess Without College...

$80,000 A Year Without College – Success Without College Roadmap Books

The success without college books from $uccess Without College Roadmap series by Christine Axsmith highlights success paths.  An excellent article was published recently by forconstructionpros.com about making over $80,000 a year – without a college degree.  The...

Balance Transfer Credit Card

Balance Transfer Credit Card What exactly is “Balance Transfer” on a credit card? If that vacation went over-budget and your credit card company is charging 15% interest – you have an option. A balance-transfer credit card. That’s a credit card...
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