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$uccess Without College – Roadmap to Success

$uccess Without College Young people start their working lives with college debt because they are taught that college is the only way to go to be successful in America.  They will be paying the price for that the rest of their lives. Actually, so does the rest of the...
Debt Collection Frauds

Debt Collection Frauds

Debt Collection Frauds The debt collection frauds keep coming up with ways to torment anyone who borrowed money and owns a phone. In California, information submitted to a payday lender was used by a debt collector to get money.  The interesting part of this story is...
Celebrity Foreclosure!

Celebrity Foreclosure!

Celebrity Foreclosure! Brittany Murphy’s House This house, apparently, has been through a few stars through foreclosures and deaths. Sharon Murphy, mother of Brittany Murphy, has had the trustee sale of the house postponed pending potential offers from buyers....
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