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Activist Judge Erases Credit Card Debt

Who wouldn’t re-elect this guy?


Brooklyn state Civil Court Judge Noach Dear

Brooklyn state Civil Court Judge Noach Dear regularly tosses cases out of his court that have been brought against people who owe credit card companies.  He has a reputation for using any reason to get rid of those debts, in fact.  Even when people admit that they owe the money, Hon. Judge Noach Dear will throw the case out anyway.

New York City really is the greatest city in the world.

The New York Post is critical of Hon. Judge Dear, but there are a few points to remember:

Often credit card companies will not be able to prove that the money is really owed.  All lawsuits have to be grounded in proper documentation.  Most suits against debtors are not.

Many credit card debts are sold to third party debt collection agencies for a few cents on the dollar.  However, they sue for the full amount of the debt anyway.Axsmith-Law-Debt-Settlement-Relief-Divorce

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