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Credit Card Fraud and Scams

New Credit Card Scams (or Mistakes?) One man opened a bank account for his eight year old daughter, and what do you know, she got an application for a credit card in the mail. Of course, jump ropes and Taylor Swift CDs can be expensive. And then some credit card...

Lost Investments Through Foreclosure

Lost Investments Through Foreclosure So what happens if you borrow money to improve a house, or have put money into a house…and then, following foreclosure, the lender sells the house to someone at a considerable profit, can you get your “loaned” or...

Educating Your Children About Debt

Kids and Debt education It’s good that a lender can perhaps nip financial impracticality in the bud, helping young people understand about the financial problems that seem to plague us all. “Citi is proud to be a part of the Teach Children to Save campaign for...
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