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Axsmith Law LLC has extensive experience representing people who need help challenging debts, wrongful foreclosure and other credit issues.  Most lawsuits over debt can easily be dismissed, with the right know-how.  Axsmith Law LLC has that, and more:  the willingness to fight for you.
Foreclosure in DC is a mess.  Axsmith Law LLC can help you find a solution that best suits your needs.
Our culture centers on accessibility.  The goal of Axsmith Law LLC is to be able to help as many people as possible while providing relief from creditor harassment.  Our offices are energetic.  Our attitude is serious.  We seek to serve, and step up to fight for our clients.

  • Foreclosure cases 80%
  • Debt Cases 90%
  • Credit Card Debt Relief 45%



Debt Relief

If you are being sued for your debts, contact Axsmith Law LLC to help you.  When you need a debt collection attorney in Washington DC, call us immediately. We represent people who are being sued for credit card debt, foreclosures, medical debt, and more.


Hire the attorneys who know all the mortgage company tricks:  Axsmith Law LLC. More than just a debt collection attorney in Washington, DC.

Being sued for debt?

Axsmith Law LLC will fight for your rights, and provide options for your family. Find out for yourself who the best debt collection attorney in Washington DC is.

Quick responses and extremely knowledgeable

I was mostly impressed with Ms. Axsmith’S turn around time. She researched the situation and provided information/results almost immediately. I will call upon her in the future.
Satisfied Client

Really Fights For You

We didn’t know what to do. Our mother couldn’t take care of herself anymore and was being taken advantage of by a caregiver Attorney Axsmith went to court and got my mother’s care in the hands of a family member. She found money my mother had that she forgot about. Attorney Axsmith found a good facility for her and we are really happy with what she did for us.

Fantastic Work!

Christine Axsmith is dependable and has incisive instincts and gets to the meat of the case. My short sale went well and before the bank wouldn’t even call me back.

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Debt Defense Attorney
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